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Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

What do cancer patients, obese youth and a vibration platform have in common? Turns out they’re directly linked to the Faculty of Kinesiology’s Human Performance Lab.
by Barb Livingstone

Linking the Ivory Tower with the Gym
A window on the Human Performance Lab

When Calgary financial advisor Kevin Power was diagnosed with throat cancer just 18 months ago, the disease had already progressed to Stage 4. While undergoing aggressive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, the self-described “morbidly obese,” unfit 58-year-old agreed to participate in the Thrive Centre’s study program of exercise and muscle-strengthening at the University of Calgary.

With tubes in his nose and arms, fatigued and dehydrated by treatments, Power joined the research group, working to preserve lean muscle mass devastated by disease. Now, the cancer survivor is convinced that, without the centre, “I’m not sure I’d still be here. It saved my life on so many levels.”

Thrive’s work with cancer patients is a perfect example of how the Faculty of Kinesiology’s research in the Human Performance Lab (HPL) is making a difference.

Founded by Benno Nigg and former Dean Roger Jackson, HPL has always been focused on solving health problems and improving human performance.

Here is a look at three projects.