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Unstoppable Campus Life

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Unstoppable Campus Life

SHAD’s back with a fresh batch of intrepid students; at convocation, look for Pumps and Circumstance.
by Deb Cummings, Glen Co, Riley Brandt

Pumps and Circumstance
Snapshots of footwear from the Class of 2014

We may have set our Eyes High, but there are moments during the academic calendar year where one’s gaze wanders. Drops, even. And never more so than during convocation.

Sure, your gaze may have started with the mortarboard, but at some point it likely drifted downward — past the blousy black gowns and the blue and gold hood, toward their feet.

Whether it was Birkenstocks or stilettos, patent leather sneakers or strappy sandals, looking down during convocation always pays off. We popped in to the Haskayne School of Business’s graduation ceremony to examine one shoe at a time...

Asma Haji, 22, was thrilled to be wearing any kind of shoes at all, seeing that she had foot surgery eight weeks before grad and had worn a cast until a few days prior to June’s event.

“I wanted something sparkly and these Barbie-like shoes from the Shoe Company were just that. And I love pink,” said Kyra Still, 22, a BComm grad, who majored in supply chain management.

Cousins, Eva Tran, 23, and Colleen Tran, 22, are big Michael Kors and Steve Madden fans, and wanted “shoes that made us tall . . . we’re both short,” said Colleen, who landed a job as a financial analyst for Spectra Energy.

Amanda Dengler, 23, majored in accounting, and shops exclusively at Winners. She’ll miss the mornings when classes began at 10 a.m., as well as the Power to Change movement on campus.

"I got these at The Bay,” said 20-year-old BComm grad Mahinour El-Gheriani. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for four years . . . I couldn’t wear anything ordinary to such an extraordinary day.”