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New Earth Space Technologies (NEST)

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New Earth Space Technologies (NEST)

New Earth Space Technologies (NEST) capture, analyze and share the smell, sight, taste, touch and sound of our earth-space environment, enabling better decisions for industry, security and society. These technologies have staggering implications for humanity. Our researchers are recognized internationally in space physics, are leaders in geomatics remote sensing and excel in engaging and inspiring the public about space.
By Jennifer Allford

The Sky’s the Limit

Chris Hugenholtz, the Cenovus Research Chair in the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) and associate professor of geography in the Faculty of Arts, is exploring drones’ varied uses from detecting methane leaks above pipelines to monitoring changes to the Elbow River.

“There’s a lot of interest in delivering packages from Amazon to delivering medicine, but we really don’t know if it’s practical and whether it’s really going to take off in those domains,” says Hugenholtz. U