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Alumni Update

Submitted by alumni on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 11:06.

Alumni Update

Two voices from Alumni pack their columns with a myriad of exciting programs and events, designed just for you.

Scaling Up
Mark C. Sollis, Associate Vice-President, Alumni

As you’ve read throughout the magazine, we are in midst of the university’s 50th year, and a tone of celebration, along with looking to what’s next, is present across the University of Calgary.

At UCalgary Alumni this year, we’ve caught the buzz, too.

For this year’s alumni program, you’ll find many of the familiar favourites are returning.

Skate with Santa is back on December 4 at the Olympic Oval. Learn, Laugh, Lead, with its assortment of personal and professional enrichment opportunities for recent graduates, is also back. We’re bringing Idea Exchange, a collection of interesting lectures from alumni and faculty, home to Calgary to complement the regional series that’s been in place for the past couple of years. And we’ll continue to expand Alumni Connect, through which many alumni have connected with each other via general or topic-specific online networking sessions.

Of course, you can continue to read all about alumni stories and the university in the UCalgary Alumni Magazine and its digital counterparts — UCalgary Alumni News and UCalgary Alumni Bulletin. After two years with Kelsy Norman at the helm, the Peer Review podcast series is back with a new host who will share a unique collection of stories from notable university family members.

But, as you might expect, we are also looking to what’s next and seeking more and more ways for alumni to engage.

Central to this year’s growth is our 50 for 50 series. With a tip of the hat to ESPN’s 30 for 30 for the inspiration, we’re featuring a minimum of 50 activities for alumni to take in during the course of the year, from lectures and networking events, to publications and online webinars. Details of what’s upcoming are always available at

We’ll also launch an online book club this year and welcome the alumni travel program into the mix for its first full year. In addition, on the back of the successful series at the start of 2016, we’ll also be ramping up our career-focused programming area.

We know that we’re competing against many other options out there, so we’ll stay focused on what we’ve heard you want — interesting intellectual content, a sense of what’s happening at the university, stories about your peers — all through a variety of program options.

Do check us out — you’re sure to find something! U

Mark C. Sollis, Associate Vice-President, Alumni