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Play The Philanthropic Life

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Play The Philanthropic Life

There are as many reasons for giving to one’s alma mater as there are ways to give. We’ve designed a board game that charts the paths of four donors whose gifts are changing the world. Join us in a round of The Philanthropic Life.
Profiles by Jacquie Moore, Illustrations by Travis Sengaus

Philanthropy is a game anyone can play, all it takes is the right inspiration at the right time (road map not included). There are as many reasons for giving to one's alma mater as there are ways to give. These four philanthropists have found joy in making gifts that reflect their dearest values and passions. Be it support for individual students with a named award, funds to enhance a particular program or a bequest to leave a "legacy" gift for future initiatives, every philanthropic gift counts toward the Energize campaign goal of fuelling student experiences, community partnerships and revolutionary research.

So click on each of the following heads, make your moves and cheer on these philanthropists whose gifts are changing the world.


Dennis Sumara

UCalgary's Dean of Education believes the arts can enable social change in the world — his gift will ensure that future change makers are supported

Hal Kvisle, MBA '82

The high-level, low-key superstar of Canadian business found wisdom in the woods — and has ensured future leaders will find it there too

Dr. Daniel Joo, MD '08

An ER physician pays tribute to his tireless parents by lending a hand to undergraduate medical students

Karen Ganzlin, BA '82

A legacy donor follows her career with the TD Bank to Omaha, Nebraska and aims to help ambitious students fulfill their dreams

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