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Dropping In

Submitted by alumni on Tue, 05/26/2015 - 12:00.

Dropping In

Pop into CJSW and discover who’s kept those airwaves alive for 30 years. From alumni who cut their teeth here, to the hosts of Road Pops — take this peek.
by Judy Aldous

Grant Burns, co-host of Road Pops, has volunteered at CJSW for 30 years.Grant Burns, co-host of Road Pops, has volunteered at CJSW for 30 years.

Myke Atkinson, CJSW’s station manager, gives a nod to the 250 volunteers who keep the airwaves alive.

Is Anyone Listening?

Like most campus radio stations in Canada, CJSW does not pay for the service that would determine its listenership. But they peg the number at 24,000.

For campus radio, that’s a lot of love. “We’re a behemoth in terms of campus stations,” says station manager Myke Atkinson.

And the Winner Is …

The walls of the station are lined with awards. “I think we won ‘Best Radio Station in Calgary’ all but one of the past 10 years,” says Atkinson. They’ve also taken home a few other niche awards from the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) for their spoken-word programming.

Fast Forward Folding

Atkinson says the death of Calgary’s premier alt-weekly will have an impact on CJSW, forcing the station “to step up its game” to “fill the gap left behind.”

Behind the Mic

There are six full-time employees at CJSW. But more than 250 volunteers help keep the airwaves alive with an eclectic blend of music and spoken- word programming.

Where can I Get One of Those Mugs?

Each year, the station commissions an artist to create a poster that is unveiled during the funding drive. Producing the artwork is expensive, but worth it, says Atkinson. “It sets us apart.”

Best for Bands in the Land

The station has a studio where bands can perform that Atkinson proudly says is,“the best in the country. Better than CBC’s.” U