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Incubating Impact

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Incubating Impact

Just as the engagement needs differ for baby boomers and millennials in the workplace, so do the motivational drivers at universities. Lessons learned
by Deb Cummings

Craig Kielburger revving up 16,000 fans at We DayCraig Kielburger revving up 16,000 fans at We Day

Some of Craig Kielburger’s Views on Post-Secondary Education:

I think the purpose of all education hasn’t changed from one generation to the next. It’s still to learn about the world, about yourself, your place in it and how you can transform it.

I think what’s often lacking in education is the teaching of ‘why.’ Many of today’s students aren’t seeing the relevancy of their learning, and access to technology has compounded that. We have to engage students in the learning process and that begins with teaching students about the world, teaching them about themselves and how they can use their gifts and talents to transform this planet.

Let’s say you want to inspire Grade 5 students about STEM [science, technology, engineering and math]. Get them to understand how a borehole is drilled around the world and how that borehole gives clean water to someone or how a school is built and how that building will provide shelter.

In so many high schools, the responsibility still lies with the teacher, not the students. We need to empower students to succeed, and fail — that’s how self-responsibility is taught.

We should be teaching students about compassion, citizenship, engagement and project-based service learning initiatives. I believe, through service, we set students up academically in the workplace in a meaningful way. Service is part of a much larger conversation about education. U