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Alumni Update

Submitted by alumni on Sun, 04/03/2016 - 23:09.

Alumni Update

From a look-back on where the Alumni department was four years ago to its future and myriad of new programs — two voices add their perspectives.

Step up to your Alma Mater
Vern Kimball, President of UCalgary’s Alumni Association

Your alumni association is focused on partnering with the University of Calgary on our shared vision of increased alumni engagement.

At the heart of this vision is the belief that there are reciprocal benefits for both alumni and the university.

This belief has recently been affirmed and reinforced.

I have had the opportunity to meet with several deans over the past few months. The deans are keen to connect with graduates from their respective faculties and share an inspirational perspective on how alumni can play a greater role in university life.

They see alumni:

  1. participating in university programming and events,
  2. enhancing student learning experiences, and
  3. connecting the university with the community.

Both at the institutional and faculty levels, alumni have been recognized as important to the success of UCalgary.

No doubt, you have noticed the increased effort by the university to invite you to participate in university life. Through attending talks and events on campus, reading about the exciting research and work underway at UCalgary, or taking in our increasing body of podcasts, etc., alumni are able to engage with thought leaders about opportunities and issues that are important to both our own interests and those of society at large. For those of you who haven’t ventured back to campus in a while, think about attending alumni weekend, April 30-May 1, to celebrate your degree and the university’s growth since you were a student. Or, stay current with all the university has to offer by signing up for UToday at

We have heard from many alumni how much they enjoy serving as guest speakers, mentors and in other volunteer roles on campus. Whether sharing professional insights through one of our alumni programs, talking to a class or helping future alumni think through their career aspirations, alumni are making a meaningful difference to the student learning experience. Let us know if you would like to be more involved by emailing us at

Similarly, alumni are helping the university connect with the community through taking on volunteer roles on faculty advisory councils, the senate or the alumni board. Other alumni have offered up their homes or places of business to host university events both in Calgary and in other cities. Leaders amongst our alumni are also finding ways to connect university initiatives with organizations tackling similar challenges throughout our community — through research or partnerships.

The University of Calgary is a great story that continues to be written. Whether it’s a return to the “classroom,” catching up online, or taking an active role volunteering with the university there is a great opportunity for alumni and the university to grow together.

I look forward to celebrating our Alma Mater’s 50th with you at Alumni Weekend. U

Vern Kimball, President of UCalgary’s Alumni Association