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In 50 Years, Where Will We Be?

Submitted by alumni on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 19:54.

In 50 Years, Where Will We Be?

Chunkiture, microbiomes, precision medicine, e-cars, wind farms, biogas, augmented reality and tomorrow's campuses give us a peek into our future.
By Val Berenyi and Jacquie moore • Illustrations by Travis Sengaus

In 50 Years, Where Will We Be?

As advancements in biomedical engineering, robotics, quantum computers and big data drive us forward, what ethical questions will we face? This series is our take on the future

The Golden Age of Aging

By 2036, one in four Canadians will be 65 years or older. This means oldsters will have more clout in areas from health and commerce to education and housing.

The Death of Disease

If one thing is going to propel us toward a disease-free future, it’s precision medicine. Could our future be rid of arthritis, Crohn’s, schizophrenia, depression and more?

Walk, E-bike, Hop a Drone

We tapped five transportation engineers for insights into how we’ll move around Calgary in2067. Besides the Green Line LRT, they see autonomous cars, e-bikes, smart pricing, etc.

Hot ’Hoods of the Future

In 50 years, our walkable neighbourhoods will be interconnected by public transit, on-demand vehicles and drones. Here, UCalgary experts share glimpses of future housing and ‘hoods

The Energy Systems of the Future. Clean & Green

As renewable forms of energy — wind, solar, biofuel, geothermal — increasingly replace oil, gas and coal, how will that impact our lives? The experts weigh in.

What Might the Future Hold For Education?

We asked two professors to give us their thoughts about education in 50 years’ time. One takes a big-picture view, the other zeroes in at the molecular level

Either the Best or the Worst Thing Ever

Despite its long and lofty status in Hollywood, the field of artificial intelligence is — at 60 — a relatively young field of study. Where the next 50 years will take it is up to you