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Mind & Body

Each decade poses distinct challenges, which is why we turned to the experts for a road map to better health. From your 20s to your 80s, we supply you with one healthy habit per decade. Live large with this handy-guide to your well-being.
by Mike Fisher

Healthy Habit for Your 80s:
Get Motivated

You can be physically active well into your 80s, even though you might find it hard just to get up and get going.

  • At this stage of life, many people have faced losses and life-altering challenges such as cancer and other illnesses.
  • Whether you’re building upon fitness and wellness practices from your 60s and 70s, or starting anew, motivation is a key consideration.
  • Think about your motivation for being active. Is it to maintain independence? Is it to maintain a positive outlook? To stay social and remain engaged with your family and friends? You can make gains in all of these areas.
  • Move every day.
  • Choose an activity that you find pleasant and that engages you with others.
  • Remember, social support is critical for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Nicole Culos-Reed, professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, whose research focuses on quality of life and physical activity for cancer survivors. U

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