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Spring | Summer 2017

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The future of Canada lies in entrepreneurship and technology — precisely why incubators and amplifiers such as Innovate Calgary are critical if universities are to play a role in Canada’s future. Discover the services that help bridge the gap between research discovery and innovation that support early phase startups.
Don't scoff. Those gamers holed up in basements might well become tomorrow’s brain surgeons. Research indicates the “training” players receive through video games may provide just the job skills they’ll need.

In this Issue

Any group of subversive students can wrap campus trees with toilet paper. These UCalgary pranks went above and beyond, and that’s what makes them the stuff of mischief legend.
Chunkiture, microbiomes, precision medicine, e-cars, wind farms, biogas, augmented reality and tomorrow's campuses give us a peek into our future.
From big data and life on Mars to a walkability conference, sci-fi research and a quirky historical fact — we’ve got you covered in this roundup of campus news.

Calendar 2017
Career programs, money-smart seminars, a Stampede shindig, volunteer opportunities, Alumni Weekend — we’ve got you covered.
Start with a meet-up of startup upstarts who are taking ideas out of labs and into the marketplace. From incubators to innovations, we look at their role in Canada’s future.
Join us as we pop into a class of students who are tackling messy problems such as how to feed 9 billion people. This Global Challenges course is being taught in radical new ways.

Discover what prompted a high school teacher to write about love from a casa in Verona. Next up, meet a microbiologist who toils in some of Africa’s deadliest zones.
Each decade poses distinct challenges, which is why we turned to the experts for a road map to better health. From your 20s to your 80s, we supply you with one healthy habit per decade. Live large with this handy-guide to your well-being.
Drop in behind the scenes of the New York Times, where alumna and journalist Susanne Craig, BA’91, has toiled on the Trump beat since breaking the story about the president’s missing tax returns.

Vern Kimball, president of UCalgary Alumni, shares new programs, events and opportunities for alumni who want to connect with their alma mater. From new career programs to Alumni Weekend, here's how you can become involved.
Aiming to deepen relationships with alumni around the globe is what prompts UCalgary Alumni to host events that honour our successful grads. Do you recognize any classmates in these photos?
Ready for a challenge? Put pen to paper and try these two UCalgary games of trivia. One is an alumni match-up and the other a crossword puzzle.

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