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UCalgary Blazes Inroads Toward Scientific Frontiers

Submitted by alumni on Wed, 11/02/2016 - 22:24.

UCalgary Blazes Inroads Toward Scientific Frontiers

We may know that UCalgary was recently awarded a $75-million Canada First Research Excellence Fund, but what was the game-changing initiative that landed them this critical support?
By Sandy Robertson

Meet Steven Bryant, Canada Excellence Research Chair and one of 270 UCalgary researchers developing ways to deliver safe, secure, clean, reliable energy for the world.

The University of Calgary has been recognized for its energy leadership, attracting one of the federal government’s most prestigious research awards, the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF). UCalgary’s Global Research Initiative in Sustainable Low Carbon Unconventional Resources, valued at $75 million, will support the combined strengths of researchers from across campus — from engineering to microbiology.

“This CFREF will enable a truly game-changing initiative for the transition to a low-carbon future — including the audacious idea of extracting energy from Canada’s vast petroleum resources while leaving the carbon in the ground,” explains Dr. Steven Bryant, the university’s scientific leader for the CFREF program.

UCalgary’s program seeks ambitious solutions that will greatly reduce the environmental footprint of existing fossil fuel supply chains and takes the bold step of seeking innovative, fossil fuels-based energy systems that are low- or even zero-carbon.

This vital support will build on the university’s leading position and its partnerships that make UCalgary a global hub for energy leadership and research. U

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