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How I Will Spend My Summer Holidays

Submitted by alumni on Fri, 05/30/2014 - 15:05.

How I Will Spend My Summer Holidays

What, exactly, does summer mean for alumni, students and faculty? We report back with dispatches from corners of the globe.
Story by Mike Fisher

Summertime and the living’s easy... right?

Not always is what we discovered when we began rooting around campus corridors, labs and classrooms. For many University of Calgary faculty, students and even alumni — it’s actually one of the busiest seasons. No one’s crying the blues, though, because for many, it’s the season when they get to do what they love. It’s not exactly a holiday, but still, everyone seems to combine having fun with doing fulfilling work.

While heading to the Northwest Territories to string up nets and catch long-eared bats may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, discover how, for student Laura Kaupas, BSc’13, it’s nirvana. In Calgary, Wagonstage, a children’s summer theatre production showcases the talents of students, faculty and alumni.

Read why, for alumna Arsheen Dhalla, BN’10, returning to Tanzania to volunteer at hospitals and orphanages is a labour of love. When Amy Hobbs, BA’08, BN’10, finds herself back in rain-soaked Uganda to continue health research, learn how a broken-down truck prompts a determined trek.

As Jason Bau, BSc’08, begins his journey as a med student and researcher in the university’s compressed three-year program, consider how he’s driven by events in his past. Take a peek under the hood of the University of Calgary’s summer camps program, which has fun under the sun, completely cornered.

And, when summer hits for alumnus Christian Iturbe, BA’05, founding partner of Avatara Pizza Ltd., you’ll see why he just keeps on truckin’.

As for some literary glue that binds these fragments? We have that, too. Legendary Canadian writer W.O. Mitchell, who wrote How I Spent My Summer Holidays, was once a University of Calgary writer-in-residence. His archives are permanently housed within the university’s Libraries and Cultural Resources.

Explore these and other stories about what members of the University of Calgary community are up to this summer by taking a break, putting your feet up, sipping a cold drink and enjoying the weather.