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Submitted by alumni on Fri, 05/30/2014 - 22:45.

Class Notes

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Mark Hanen, BA’72, MA’75, recently retired after a 29-year teaching career and has released a new book, WORDS: I Know What I Want to Say — I Just Don’t Know How to Say It, which explains how to write essays, reports, blogs, presentations, books, proposals, memos, and other nonfiction. He currently lives in Dawson, B.C. and you can find him online at

Derek Besant, BFA’73, and 1999 Distinguished Alumni Award winner, will be mounting a major exhibition and public art project as a feature of The Edinburgh Art Festival 2015 in Scotland. Besant’s intent is to set up photo shoots of people who live in Edinburgh and interview them on their views of memory and resemblance as the narrative theme. Rather than depict perfect strangers, it will be themselves and their thoughts he will group into an installation in two locations across the city. Besant is also an instructor at ACAD.

Charles Webber, BEd’73, is the dean of Continuing Education and Extension at Mount Royal University and has been in that role since August 2013.