University of Calgary

Spring | Summer 2015

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Some 17,000 students currently participate in UCalgary’s “club scene.” From Quidditch teams to origami groups, discover what’s driving this boom.
Ever wonder what goes into designing a new magazine like UCalgary Alumni? Join us on a behind-the-storyboard chat with its key players.

In this Issue

A Communal Table Project, Craig Kielburger’s views on education, to the art of medicine — we celebrate campus life.
Greatest fear in aging men, green roofs, energy and wastewater innovations — research that flies beyond our campus borders.
Is sugar as evil as they claim? What would life look like without red velvet cake? Two experts weigh in on the white stuff.

Grant Burns, co-host of Road Pops, has volunteered at CJSW for 30 years.
Pop into CJSW and discover who’s kept those airwaves alive for 30 years. From alumni who cut their teeth here, to the hosts of Road Pops — take this peek.
Discover the unpredictable career paths of Matt Diteljan, BComm’14, and Frances Wright, BA’68.
Meet the man behind UCalgary’s Outdoor Centre — the largest facility of its kind in North America — who extolls the virtues of Mother Nature.

Have a look at some of this year’s award-winning photos that turned the world into a classroom. Jaw-droppers include shots from Norway to Ontario.
Two voices report on the latest developments in Alumni — from expanded regional programs and event programming to future work plans.
Up to 20 undergraduate students entering their first year at UCalgary will receive $5,000 each, due to the Joyce Foundation’s gift of $5-million.

Connect with fellow grads and discover who’s doing what where, including a chat with cookbook author, Rebecca Klemke, BA’06.
Think you know every nook and cranny at the university? Tell us where this giant globe resides and you could win a $70 gift certificate.