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Thought for Food

Submitted by tdroden on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 11:00.

Thought for Food

In the last 15 years food has become far more than our daily bread. Or endless swirl of Crave cupcakes. It has become a global business. The kind of food we buy, where we buy it, and how it is prepared, has become part of our national conversation. Precisely why we’ve devoted 16 pages to the subject in an exclusive feature that starts on page 28. We don’t typically think about food this way — but eating represents our most powerful engagement activity in the world. It remakes the landscape more than other human activity and it transforms us, shapes us. We hope this issue sparks some Thought for Food.

Food Security

From issues on campus to those impacting global areas, a new paradigm is needed to ensure we feed the future.

Food Court Memories

Join alumnus John Gilchrist, BA’77, a.k.a. Calgary’s No. 1 restaurant critic, as he gives us the skinny on campus grub.

International Food Guide

Seven alumni — from Hong Kong to N.Y.C. — take us on culinary tours of their new hometowns.

Food Research

Food personalities, allergies and the correlation between diet and osteoarthritis, are just a few of the topics covered.

Sugar Wars

Linked to obesity, cancer and heart disease, has sugar become a much bigger problem than fat? Two experts weigh in on the white stuff.

Communal Kitchen

For the last three years, students and faculty have gathered on a regular basis to break bread. And learn a few skills in the process.