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In the Field

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In the Field

Greatest fear in aging men, green roofs, energy and wastewater innovations — research that flies beyond our campus borders.

Men’s Greatest Fear of Aging

New stem cell research may make this unfortunate middle-age milestone a thing of the past.


For Kerry Ross, the day that weed-whackers appear on our rooftops can’t happen fast enough.

A Plant with Bounce-Back Qualities?

Could the lowly lettuce save the planet by producing a new form of natural rubber?

A Glass Half-Empty...

Not for long if a new wastewater research partnership, ACWA, improves ways to remove pollutants.

Advances in 
Food Research

From food personalities and allergy factors to links between high-fat diets and aching knees.

The Sands of Grime

International nanotech research ‘star’ and his team explore new ways to extract energy involving little environmental impact.