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Unlimited Alumni

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Spreading Ideas
Leading TEDxCalgary and making the city a better place.

Rahim Sajan, BSc’01, BEd’03, is the founder of TEDxCalgary, the first independently organized TEDx event in Calgary.

Since 2009, as curator of TEDxCalgary, he has been leading an entirely volunteer-run team that hosts marquee TEDxCalgary events, frequent local meet-ups, salons, live-streams of global TED events and the online community.

His vision for TEDxCalgary is to give bold thinkers a stage to explore ideas worth spreading, encouraging a garden of ideas through a culture of conversation — all in the name of making Calgary better.

Other UCalgary alumni on TEDxCalgary’s organizing committee include: Roopa Khana, BA’06, and Teresa Rehmann, BSc’03, BEd ’05.

On November 15, TEDxCalgary will be hosting speakers at the EEEL Great Staircase at the University of Calgary. Speakers will explore the theme of “Truth(s)” in politics, culture, arts and health. “Truth(s) will be an exploration of what we know, what we don’t know and how we navigate the space between,” says Sajan.

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