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In the Field

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In the Field

Start with a meet-up of startup upstarts who are taking ideas out of labs and into the marketplace. From incubators to innovations, we look at their role in Canada’s future.

Drivers of Disruption

The future of Canada lies in entrepreneurship and technology — precisely why incubators and amplifiers such as Innovate Calgary are critical if universities are to play a role in Canada’s future.

The Startup Upstarts

Meet the UCalgary entrepreneurs who are taking their ideas and inventions out of labs and into the marketplace. Their talents are being recognized both domestically and, in some cases, internationally.

Innovations a-Go-Go

Meet MEDI, Doppio, Fred and Cups2Go. There's a robot that acts as a pain coach, a dual-screen smart watch, a biosensor system and a nifty cupholder. Discover who’s behind these innovations.

The Holy Grail for Our Energy Future

Around the world, renewable energy industries may account for only a sliver of energy consumption — but they are growing. We check in with Ed McCauley, VP Research, to ask how UCalgary is powering that growth.