University of Calgary


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From big data and life on Mars to a walkability conference, sci-fi research and a quirky historical fact — we’ve got you covered in this roundup of campus news.

Imagining Tomorrow

Discover where UCalgary president Elizabeth Cannon believes our progressive university will be in 50 years.

Data, Data Everywhere

Today, big data is disrupting and decoding so much of society. What, exactly, might that look like in 2067?

Calendar 2017

Career programs, money-smart seminars, a Stampede shin-dig, Alumni Weekend — we’ve got you covered.

Taking it to the Streets: Walk21

Walk21: An international conference with world experts leading talks and walks on pedestrian-friendly urban designs. Sept. 19-22.

Little-Known Fact

Although UCalgary was officially established almost 51 years ago, there’s a quirky chapter that suggests plans were hatched for it in 1910.

Colonizing Mars

UCalgary’s Mars Studio is a real thing. This course examines the conditions of Mars, life in space and colonization practices.

Seeing Sci-Fi History in a New Light

One of the largest collections of sci-fi research in the world resides within UCalgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources.

Hay Revolution

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so it was for alumnus Sebastian Hanne who saw an online solution to the chaos that a drought can spark.

Qapla'! Speaking Star trek

From Star Trek to Game of Thrones, conlanging puts new words in our mouths.